Hello! My name is Lydia! I've been an animator in the game industry for 8 years. I was born and raised in Ohio. My first job took me to Houston to work on “Aliens: Colonial Marines”. Now I am living in the Seattle area with my husband and 2 cats. And I'm loving it here! Since my first job in Houston, I've worked on some pretty cool projects, with some awesome people. I’ve gotten to dabble in AAA games, mobile, and even VR/MR. Along with animation, I also use illustration as another creative outlet. When I’m drawing for myself, I usually draw what I love, which includes a lot of cute animals and food.

I am currently open to commissions, freelance, contract, and full time work. Animation or Illustration.

Email: lydiamh10@gmail.com

Here’s a quick glance at some of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on:


Animated Shorts: